Franco Pianegonda

FRANCO PIANEGONDA founder & chief creative talent

Franco Pianegonda is the founder and chief creative talent of the Haute Joaillerie brand FRANCO PIANEGONDA/ Enjoy All You Are. He is an Italian artist, sculptor and artisan from Vicenza, the city renowned

since centuries for handmade gold and silver jewelry loved in almost every corner of the world. He is a modern innovator and a contemporary talent emerged from ancient artistic traditions of the historic city of Venice, which has always been Europe’s cultural gateway to East Europe, Central Asia, China, India and the Far East.

In line with the Veneto region’s vocation, Franco’s strength is global perspective. He embraces globalization with open arms while also retaining the authenticity of Italian design and workmanship.


FRANCO’S CREATIVE PROCESS founder & chief creative talent

All FRANCO PIANEGONDA jewelry is handmade in Italy. Franco uses only authentic gold, silver and natural precious stones. He never uses blood diamonds and all his gems are obtained from conflict-free zones.

He personally supervises production in artisanal workshops in Italy. Some of the artisans have been in the jewelry-making business for generations and are considered among the best in the world. Diamonds and precious gems are usually inlaid by hand, one at a time. Finishing, polishing and rhodium plating are also done by hand in the workshops.

Because of his character and personal beliefs, he provides only genuine Italian workmanship with an authentic Made in Italy label. Currently, obtaining this level of commitment is rare because many designers simply give finishing touches to imported jewels to make them eligible for the made in Italy label.


FRANCO & WOMEN art, elegance & lifestyle

Franco is dedicated to helping women to be their best professionally and personally. His focus is on sensuality, elegance and high achievements. His lifestyle expresses women’s love of art, nature, a uthenticity, refinement and sophistication. He reflects their desires through a range of luxury products with global appeal, including fine jewelry, eyeglasses, watches,handbags and leather accessories. Through his Creative Studio, he also designs jewelry and other lines marketed under license by major companies. He loves authenticity and natural materials of the highest quality within a given budget. The hallmarks of his creative process are respect for nature and sensitivity to the personality of the women for whom he is creating. He is an artist rather than a designer, so he thinks in terms of sculptures that express her personality rather than being decorative accessories. His creative process begins with the women that may acquire his jewelry. He studies their personality, culture and lifestyle.



Franco’s jewelry is very distinctive because it is inimitable. From his early days in the 1990s to the present, his jewels contain a thread of continuity in vision, concept and design. It is easy to see that they are his creations despite the variety and differences in time periods. Franco leaves the stamp of his inimitable personal style on each of his creations. So when you wear his jewelry, you can be sure that there will be no imitators. His early jewels originated a small revolution by making sterling silver a noble medium for Western jewelry and by expressing bold designs not used earlier to make a statement about the independent nature of modern women.



Franco Pianegonda is an international creative talent in the best sense. As a person, he is a mixture of several cultures. His mother is Spanish, his father is Italian, his grandfather was Austrian. He has especially close links of the heart with America because of family, business and cultural ties. Both his young sons are trilingual in Italian, Spanish and English. He lives in Vicenza, with his children Giovanni Cesare and Antonio Augusto. The family lives in a tower overlooking the main square designed by Andrea Palladio, the world famous architect from Vicenza who is widely considered as the father of modern architecture.



inner energie. It motivates the creativity expressed by his jewelry and other products. Many celebrities love to wear Franco Pianegonda creations regularly both on and off screen. Some are also wearing his jewels in TV serials and other shows. His dialog with women is deep and wide. He sees each woman as a complete person with complex desires, passions and emotions while celebrities are special women admired for their exceptional talents and achievements.

Franco’s goal is to offer jewelry and accessories that allow a woman to “Enjoy all you are”. His creations are dedicated to this purpose. They are not decorations to flatter the person. Each jewel is a friend designed to strengthen and enhance the woman’s personality and character.



The more exceptional a woman, the more Franco’s jewelry becomes a “best friend” in her daily life. His work has always impressed the fashion industry and is a subject for editorials as an example of latest global trends.

He believes strongly in public communication through advertising, special events, trunk shows and publicity. Each collection of his jewelry expresses a meaningful concept emerging from the personality and life styles of modern women.

His promotional campaigns usually draw attention to the universality of the feminine mystique and the determination of women to express their unique voices in culture and society.

Franco has emotional understanding of the aspirations of modern women and the pressures affecting their lives. These intuitive capacities are bringing him to maturity as a rare creative talent who is now approaching his best performance.